The restoration specialists at IK Countertops can refinish your bathroom vanity without replacing it, if it’s broken, discolored, worn out, or simply outdated. Our areas of expertise include refinishing, restoration, refacing, resurfacing, and refurbishing vanity tops in a wide range of appealing and long-lasting finishes. 

Save money by repairing your vanity.

You are probably thinking that the cost of replacing a bathroom vanity is roughly equivalent to the cost of having the vanity refinished, and we understand your thoughts. To be honest, the concept of owning a fresh new vanity is definitely one that sounds enticing. Nevertheless, you need to take into consideration the additional expenditures, which may quickly pile up. These costs include demolition, the disposal of debris, installation, and labor charges. Therefore, refinishing your bathroom vanity is a significantly more cost-effective option than entirely replacing your vanity countertop.

In fact, if you decide to replace it, your bathroom can be in disarray for several days or even weeks! Without a doubt, the repair of a vanity is the preferable option, not only from a financial standpoint but also from a time savings perspective. We at IK Countertops aim to restore your vanity to its original state within a few hours, instead of taking days or weeks to complete. Additionally, you can use your bathroom vanity the following day, which is a significant advantage!

Experts at repairing vanities for homes and businesses.

We fully guarantee the quality of our products and services. In fact, our highly skilled refinishing staff provides the highest quality materials that are currently accessible on the market. We will not make any concessions with regard to the quality of our job. 

In the first place, our primary objective is to execute all repairing jobs on schedule and without exceeding the allotted budget, while also employing high-quality craftsmanship and skilled installation, and to keep our customers informed throughout the process.

Skilled at restoring and polishing. 

The experts at IK Countertops are all licensed and insured contractors with extensive training. We thoroughly train all of our employees in repairing, refurbishing, refacing, reglazing, and recoloring a wide range of surfaces and finishes, including:

  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Laminate
  • Plastics

You can trust us because we have all of the required licenses, bonds, and insurance. If you’d like, you can ask for a list of references or speak with any of our previous customers.

Areas where repairing services are provided for homes and businesses. 

We provide quality repairing services for citizens of residential homes and commercial property owners throughout Asheville, NC. If you’re interested in learning more about our professional repairing services or would like a free quote for your refinishing project, contact us for additional information or call us at (828)-747-9015.


Below are some examples of countertop repair jobs we have done in the past.
If you need countertop repair in Asheville, NC, or the surrounding area, we will be glad to help.


Bathroom Tiles
countertop repair Asheville before and after
countertop repair Asheville before and after
countertop repair Asheville before and after
countertop repair Asheville before and after
countertop repair Asheville before and after
Countertop Repair Asheville