Repair Services for Chip and Cracks

We at IK Countertops are aware of the importance you attach to the marble surfaces at your workplace. We are aware that even the tiniest chip and crack can diminish the elegance of your marble floors, kitchen countertops, or bathroom vanities. This is true regardless of whether you have marble floors or countertops. Here is where we come into performance.

Why Choose Us?

  • Knowledge: Chip and crack repair is a speciality of our team of expert specialists with years of experience working in the sector. Our processes have been perfected to the point that we can guarantee flawless restorations that will return your marble surfaces to the brilliance they had when they were first created.
  • High-Quality Supplies: When you choose us for repairs, you can be sure we will only use premium materials. We only use high-quality adhesives and colour-matched fillers sourced from reliable vendors to guarantee long-lasting results that will complement your current marble and blend in perfectly.
  •  Fine craftsmanship: We make no compromises when it comes to detail. Precision and care are our guiding principles when we undertake repairs; we carefully inspect the damage and then expertly fix it. And what was the outcome? Masterfully executed finishes that go above and beyond what you anticipate.

Our Services

  • Repairing chips: Every chip, no matter how minor, may cause significant eyesore on your marble surfaces. To restore the smooth surface of your marble, our chip repair services are designed to ensure that any chips are filled and repaired seamlessly.
  • Repairing Cracks: Cracks detract from the marble’s visual appeal and, if not addressed, can cause more harm. Our crack restoration services can fix any size of a break in your marble, restoring its structural integrity without sacrificing its aesthetic value.
  • Matching Colors: We know how important it is to maintain the marble’s original beauty. Because of this, we provide colour-matching services to ensure that our restorations fit in perfectly with your marble’s natural veining and colouring.

The Process

  • Evaluation: The first step in our approach is to in-depth evaluate the marble surfaces’ degradation. We will examine each chip and crack to find the optimal method of restoration.
  • Research: If we want the repaired area to have perfect adhesion and a flawless finish, we must prepare it thoroughly beforehand.
  • Repair: We will carefully fix every chip and crack in your marble using our professional processes and high-quality materials. We will match the colour and texture of your current marble.
  • Adding the Final Touch: After the repairs are complete, we apply a professional finish to restore the shine and safeguard your marble surfaces for years to come.

Contact us

To maintain the beauty of your marble surfaces, you should refrain from allowing chips and cracks to appear. Please find out how our experienced repair services can bring your marble back to its former glory by contacting IK Countertops to book a consultation and learn more about the process.


Below are some examples of countertop repair jobs we have done in the past.
If you need countertop repair in Asheville, NC, or the surrounding area, we will be glad to help.


Bathroom Tiles
countertop repair Asheville before and after
countertop repair Asheville before and after
countertop repair Asheville before and after
countertop repair Asheville before and after
countertop repair Asheville before and after
Countertop Repair Asheville