Are you annoyed of the way cracked and scratched marble looks? Stop searching! Restore your marble to its former beauty with our marble scratch removal services. After we finish, your marble will seem brand new because of our skill and commitment to high-quality artistry. 

We know how important it is to keep your marble surfaces looking beautiful and solid. We have trained experts to fix any damage, no matter how tiny, whether it’s a ding from moving or a fracture from constant use.  Our methods have been fine-tuned over many years of expertise, allowing us to provide extraordinary outcomes consistently. Repairing your marble is our top priority, so we use advance tools and only the highest-quality materials. In addition to repairing the damage, we aim to improve the overall beauty of your marble surfaces.

Personalized attention is a cornerstone of our service. Since each marble surface is distinct, we modify our method to suit each customer’s demands. No matter what surface you have, whether marble countertops, flooring, or any other, we can create a tailored solution that will last. 

Our process:

To establish the optimal strategy, we start by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the damage. After identifying the damaged area, we meticulously clean it to eliminate any debris, stains, or filth that might impede the restoration. We then meticulously repair chips and cracks using specialist equipment and methods, leaving a finish that harmonizes perfectly with the surrounding marble. 

Our repair services are only the beginning; we also provide maintenance advice to ensure that your marble surfaces retain their luster for as long as possible. No matter what your cleaning needs are or how you want to avoid such problems in the future, our expert staff is here to help. 

We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure you are delighted; this is our number one goal. We aim to deliver an outstanding experience from beginning to end with our warm and welcoming customer service and careful attention to detail. IK Countertops will care excellently for all your marble scratch and crack restoration requirements. 

Stop letting chips and dings diminish the luster of your marble countertops. Please get in touch with us immediately for additional information or to set up a consultation. Indulge in the classic beauty of marble in your house or place of business by allowing us to restore it to its former glory. 

  • Learning About Marble Cracks: Finding Out What Usually Causes Scratches and Cracks
  • Method for Fixing Marble: Providing Specifics on Our Proven Approach
  • Professional Care and Its Significance: Possible Drawbacks of Do-It-Yourself Approaches
  • Tailored Solutions for Any Surface: Personalized Service That Meets Your Specific Requirements
  • Completely Broken: Maintenance Tips for Marble Proactive Marble Beauty Preservation
  • Our Commitment to Ensuring Customer Contentment: Exceeding Expectations by Going Above and Beyond


Below are some examples of countertop repair jobs we have done in the past.
If you need countertop repair in Asheville, NC, or the surrounding area, we will be glad to help.


Bathroom Tiles
countertop repair Asheville before and after
countertop repair Asheville before and after
countertop repair Asheville before and after
countertop repair Asheville before and after
countertop repair Asheville before and after
Countertop Repair Asheville