Affordable countertop repair in Hendersonville and Western North Carolina

Specialized Stone Countertop Repair Services in Hendersonville North Carolina

A perfect repair of a stone countertop demands great attention to detail and accuracy. Check for cracks, chips, or scratches before proceeding. After a thorough cleaning, fill the area with a high-quality stone epoxy or paint it to match your countertop’s color. When it comes to specialized countertop repair solutions, precision and expertise are paramount. Our dedicated team at IK Countertops offers tailored services to address a myriad of countertop issues, from scratches and chips to more extensive damage. Utilizing unique techniques and premium materials, we restore your countertop to its original glory, seamlessly blending repairs for a flawless finish.

Scratch removal

Scratch removal

Surface scratches frequently result from dragging or cutting material onto the slab.
Our team can often remove the scratches or make them almost undetectable.

Stain & Etch Removal

Stain & Etch Removal

IK Countertops is able to remove etch marks and stains from natural stone in your house, whether it is in your kitchen, bathroom, or another section of your home. This will guarantee that your stone retains its original beauty.

Chip & Crack Repair

Repairing Chips and Cracks

The qualities of the slab material may naturally form chips, or you can generate them by striking the slab’s edge with an object. You can fix chips using stone epoxy by matching the color of the epoxy to the color of the stone.

Sink & Faucet Replacement and Installation

Sink & Faucet Replacement and Installation

It doesn’t matter if you need to install a new sink or faucet, replace the ones that are already there, or if your sink is broken loose; we are able to assist you!


We provide unparalleled stone repair services in Hendersonville, NC. We can fix chips, cracks, and scratches in your countertops so they seem brand new again. Our skilled specialists pay close attention to detail and use high-quality materials to restore stone so that it blends in with the original. Our specialty is restoring your stone surfaces to a like-new condition.

Countertop Repair

Kitchen Countertop Repair

We expertly perform our kitchen countertop repair services. Our expert specialists utilize premium materials to effortlessly fix damage, making your counters seem new. Let our experienced repair services improve your home’s heart.

Bathroom Vanity Repair Asheville

Bathroom Vanity Repair

Our professional repair services can completely revamp your bathroom vanity. We are experts in carefully repairing any damage to your vanity, be it chips or stains. Have faith in our ability to restore the former glory of your bathroom’s showpiece

Backsplash Repair Asheville

Stone Backsplash Repair

Our professional stone backsplash restoration restores the beauty of your kitchen or bathroom. Our expert specialists carefully restore chips, fractures, and stains, matching the original stone. Let us revitalize your area and restore its beauty.

Marble Fireplace Repair

Repairing a Marble Fireplace

Marble fireplace repair enhances your home environment. Our trained artists carefully refurbish your fireplace, creating a smooth finish that improves your home’s ambiance. We will carefully restore your room’s centrepiece.

Why Countertop Repair Matters?

Look no farther than our Hendersonville, NC, countertop repair services for top-notch results. Our skilled specialists will meticulously restore your countertops to their former glory. If your countertops have chips, cracks, or scratches—regardless of the material—we can fix them flawlessly, making them seem like new again. Have faith in us to give new life to the surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom, increasing your house’s value. Get in touch with us right away if you want your countertops restored perfectly.

Countertop Repair Asheville

Countertop Faucet/Sink Replacement

Countertop Repair Hendersonville, NC

Countertop Sratch/Crack Removal Asheville

Marble Countertop Repair Asheville



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