Affordable countertop repair in Asheville and Western North Carolina

Specialized Stone Countertops Repair Service in Asheville NC

With our professional countertop repair services, your stone countertops will be revitalised. Our trained specialists can fix any damage to your countertops, including chips, scratches, or dull areas, and return them to their previous splendour. Our unique methods and premium materials guarantee that the repairs will be completely undetectable and complement your countertop’s natural beauty. Embrace a flawless surface that elevates the beauty of your environment and bid farewell to blemishes. Contact us now to arrange repair services to restore the shine to your bathroom or kitchen countertops.

Scratch removal

Scratch removal

When cutting or dragging onto the slab, surface scratches are common. In most cases, we can easily remove them and make them disappear.

Stain & Etch Removal

Stain & Etch Removal

IK Countertops can expertly remove etch marks or stains and restore the beauty of natural stone in your kitchen, bathroom, or other area of your house.

Chip & Crack Repair

Chip & Crack Repair

Slabs can develop chips for various reasons, including inherent slab material qualities and accidental impacts with objects. Stone epoxy may be mixed to match the stone’s colour, making it ideal for chip repair.

Sink & Faucet Replacement and Installation

Sink & Faucet Replacement and Installation

Upgrade your Asheville, NC, kitchen or bathroom with our professional sink and faucet replacement and installation. From modern to traditional, we’ll carefully install your sink and faucet, improving elegance and performance. Whether your sink is loose, you need to replace the tap or sink or install a new one, we can assist!


Asheville and the surrounding areas can rely on IK Countertops for interior stone restoration. Enhance your stone surfaces with our extensive repair services. Our experts restore your stone features, from small repairs to full refurbishments. We will revitalize your countertops, floors, and more, improving their appearance and value.


Countertop Repair

Kitchen Countertop Repair

Our countertop restoration service revitalises your kitchen’s centrepiece. We expertly repair scratches, chips, and other flaws to restore your countertop’s brilliance. Our high-quality materials and precise procedures produce a faultless finish that enhances your space’s aesthetics.

Bathroom Vanity Repair Asheville

Bathroom Vanity Repair

Our fast vanity repair service revives your bathroom. Our experts smoothly repair all forms of damage, from little scratches to major imperfections. Our rigorous attention to detail and top materials restore your vanity to new.

Backsplash Repair Asheville

Stone Backsplash Repair

Our professional stone backsplash restoration enhances your kitchen or bathroom. We repair chips, cracks, and stains on backsplashes. We use innovative methods and quality materials to provide seamless repairs that match the original design. Delete blemishes and reveal a stunning backdrop that complements your room.

Marble Fireplace Repair

Marble Fireplace Repair

Our marble fireplace repair service revitalises your home. We professionally repair fireplaces with slight cracks and major damage. We guarantee flawless marble restorations with meticulous attention to detail and quality materials. Remove blemishes and restore your fireplace’s attractiveness.

A Better Way to Fix Your Kitchen Countertops in Asheville, NC

It might be a costly ordeal to replace the current countertops.  Preserving your current countertops and fixing them instead of replacing them will save you a ton of money and hassle.  Whether you’re in the Asheville, NC region or nearby, IK Countertops is the company to call for countertop repair services.  We are skilled in working with natural and artificial stone surfaces, including Granite, Marble, Quartzite, Onyx, and Soapstone.

Countertop Repair Asheville

Countertop Faucet/Sink Replacement

Countertop Repair Hendersonville, NC

Countertop Sratch/Crack Removal Asheville

Marble Countertop Repair Asheville



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