Repolishing Your Stone Surfaces Improves Their Shine

If you are looking to restore the luster and beauty of your stone surfaces, look no further than our repolishing services. Your stone surfaces, including countertops and floors, might lose some of their luster over time due to normal wear and tear and environmental factors. Restoring the brilliance and shine of your stone’s features is our skilled team’s specialty.

 Our Approach: Here at IK Countertops, we know our stone. Marble, granite, travertine, and every other kind of stone have their own special qualities. We combine state-of-the-art methods with extensive expertise in a painstaking procedure we call repolishing. In order to figure out what to do, we first take the time to inspect your stone surfaces.

The Method of Repolishing:

  • Cleaning: Using specialized cleaning products and equipment, we begin by removing any dirt, grime, or residue from the surface. Before repolishing, make sure the surface is clean and clear of any contaminants.
  • Honing: We can use honing procedures to gently resurface the stone, depending on the level of wear and damage. For a more polished and consistent finish, this is useful for erasing etchings, scratches, and other surface flaws. After fine-tuning the surface, we proceed to polishing. We meticulously buff the stone to a glossy, mirror-like shine using high-quality polishing products and equipment.
  • Sealing (Optional): We provide sealing services utilizing high-quality sealants to further protect your flooring from potential damage and stains. Long-term, this will help your stone surfaces last longer and look great.

Reasons to Repolish:

  • It revitalizes the aesthetic value of stone surfaces.
  • It eliminates flaws such as etchings, scratches, and more.
  • It prolongs the stone’s life and makes it more aesthetically pleasing.
  • It raises your home’s market value.
  • A more affordable option than a replacement

Why Choose Us:

  • Skilled professionals: Our team consists of expert specialists with years of experience in stone restoration.
  • Ensuring Product Quality: When we meet or exceed our clients’ expectations, we feel happy for our clients.
  • Personalized Services: Each client’s specific requirements and tastes are carefully considered when we design our services. We provide affordable prices without sacrificing the quality of our work.
  • A Promise to Keep You Happy: We work tirelessly to finish each job to your exact specifications because we care deeply about your happiness.

 Dull and worn-out stone surfaces should not diminish the attractiveness of your house or company. Your stone surfaces, including countertops, floors, and more, may regain their luster with our professional stone surface repolishing services. To find out how we can make your stone surfaces appear new again and become showpieces, call us today for a consultation.


Below are some examples of countertop repair jobs we have done in the past.
If you need countertop repair in Asheville, NC, or the surrounding area, we will be glad to help.


Bathroom Tiles
countertop repair Asheville before and after
countertop repair Asheville before and after
countertop repair Asheville before and after
countertop repair Asheville before and after
countertop repair Asheville before and after
Countertop Repair Asheville